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Tatonka Highdive Show at Fort Fun

Highdive-Stuntshow in 2007 at Fort Fun – Adventureland
Responsible Producer:
Brian Alexander Reid, Falcon Corporation Limited EC, Scotland 
(aka Falcon Entertainment, Falcon Show)

Brian Alexander Reid (Falcon Corporation Ltd.) proceeded against this article and lost his own game in two instances of a german court…!

firedive: 15 Meters jump, burning man

The fire jump (Firedive) is a very dangerous stunt as eyes, lungs and the rest of the body are under major health burden.

„I met nice people from Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, England and Mexico, which are well aware that they could buy only a few burgers and drinks there, from their daily salary in a German amusement park … !“         Fitz van Thom

Massdive: 5 Persons- one little pool

The stuntmen and stuntwomen jump from up to 25 meters in only four meters deep waterpool- three times a day …!

Fitz van Thom Main Actor Tatonka-Show 2007

Tatonka- a world class stunt show and i play the cowboy!

tatonka-show - smoke on the water: a cloud of gas came out of the water and starts burning- extremly heat!

smoke on the water – Burning Pool

What it means to risk his life for the enjoyment of park visitors for a handful of euros three times a day, probably only guess the artists themselves …!