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PHANTOM PRODUKTION is a think tank for projects in film, commercials and stage. We do Movieproductions and Stageplays, Shows and Commercials in Germany, Europe and worldwide. The range of our services includes the design and production of films, shows, documentaries, stage plays, live events, corporate videos, music clips, interviews, demo reels and commercials. Film production: feature film, commercials, commercial, interview, documentary, reportage, ideas, development – all the research, script, storyboard, composition of the crew, casting for actors, performers, extras selection, planning, pre-production, preparation, location scouting, contracts, three , filming, special effects, SFX, pyrotechnics, stunts, film production, film editing, cutting material, cutter, digital effects, finishing, transfer to all formats. The Phantom production takes care of the whole production, or subdivisions, working with professionals and specialists from all fields of film and theater, special effects, cabaret, comedy show, magicshow. We do developments, research, compilation the actors, audition preparation, contracts, stage performances. We deliver the high quality, no cheap mass produced goods, we work exclusively on a high level. Design and focus group research: Explain us your project, tell us about the budget – in a very short time we tell you, what is possible. We pointing your product- advertising, film or theater production at the exact target audience. Financing Plan: We create a financial plan, including buffer, it will no hidden costs, etc. for how to reshoots, corrections.. Material, turning effort and budget: The PHANTOM PRODUKTION produces all formats: film, short film, video, commercials, music clips, documentary, interview, stage play,  theaterplay, show, documentary footage, etc.  Competence: Each of our specialist knows and
use his/her skills – even in crisis situations and
under time pressure. Brainstorming: Ideas independently or together with you to develop, participate in meetings and so have an overview of progress and way of production. Help! They’ve landed in a dead-end concept – we help you out.
The PHANTOM PRODUKTION created within a very short time a contingency plan. Whether the director is an actor jumped off or fell sick, we replace all possible failures. The PHANTOM PRODUKTION leads to production successfully. The Phantom works on all areas of production, experts organized for complex tasks, find solutions and saving projects already underway.
– PHANTOM PRODUKTION your Filmproduction Company  –  made in germany*